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A Message from Your President
John Neumann, W.T., M.T., D.R.H. (ACRHA)

Dr. John Neumann has over 25 years experience in private practice and teaching in the field of Holistic, Preventive, and Complimentary Medicine. His background is in Biology with extensive training in the Medical and Chiropractic Sciences. John is an honorary member and the Canadian representative, for the Spa Physicians Association of Kneipp in Germany. He is specialized in stress management, headaches (migraines and tension), Holistic Reflexology, the Kneipp system of Hydrotherapy, Spa Therapy, Ayurvedic Medicine and Swedish Relaxation Massage. He is the founding member of the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs, and was the first Clinician in Alberta to introduce a professional code of ethics and malpractice insurance for massage therapists.

John is very concerned about any attempts at the regulation of massage therapy in Alberta based on the unfounded premise of harm to the public. He believes this would devastate the 6000+ full-time practicing therapists, thereby adding pressures on the economy and the health care system. In order to stop this unnecessary regulation he confidently requested the Alberta Occupation Board to investigate the safety of Swedish Massage practice in the 1980’s. After several million dollars and two years of intense investigation the minister concluded; “The practice of Swedish Massage has no risk to public safety and therefore the regulation is not necessary”.

It is in this way that John has been the forefront representation of the underprivileged minorities that regulation targets. Regulation means an increase in training hours similar to Newfoundland, B.C. and Ontario‘s 2500 - 3000 hours which they feel entitles them to treat acute medical conditions. Acute medical conditions must be treated by licensed, medically trained professionals. These programs will be only accessible for those with financial advantages and good English language background. New immigrants and poor minorities will not be acknowledged. In all, he believes massage therapy and the medical profession are distinct and different professions.

The center of his outspoken philosophy is the fundamental value that Massage therapy encompasses compassionate care and intentional healing. He has always voiced his concern in the Calgary and Edmonton bylaw process, as well as, with the Alberta Health and Wellness regulatory board regarding these issues. 

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The Alberta Association of Therapeutic masseurs provides todays massage therapist with a cost effective alternative; focused on their needs for a successful practice through high educational standards to improve the overall health and wellness of society.

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